Edvard Munch


Frequently artists use distortion or abstraction to convey feelings and a particular mood, because often things can be expressed more successfully in forms that are personalized, rather than through the use of realism.  Ironically, by taking a reality and changing it, artists are often able to create things that seem more real, due largely in part because of the expressiveness allowed in distortion or abstraction.  Distortion is a change of a reality’s depiction, altering it in a way that one is able to still recognize the item itself, but notices it is changed in some manner.  REF


  • I feel by looking at distortion art it will give me more idea generation to develop further illustrations that suit to my disorders.
  • Distortion sets a mood and evokes emotion, just like the painting above ‘ The Scream ‘ by Edvard Munch.
  • Munch expresses inner thoughts, feelings and emotions by often painting with bright, exaggerated colours and simple shapes.
  • Munch reveals an honest and ugly glimpse of his inner troubles and feelings of anxiety, putting more importance on personal meaning than on technical skill.
  • The expression of the figure is warped and appears alien-like as if from another world and the same being with the background and it’s use of colours. This takes you away from reality and makes you experience how this artist was feeling at the time but in a visual sense.
  • The bright, bold orange sky against the darker colours really give that sense of intenseness and makes the overall painting contrast more making it that much more eye grabbing.


  • Through this painting with the shapes and warped appearance it has, the artist has cleverly used the leading the eye to draw your attention to the figure.





Throughout his life Edvard Munch struggled with anxiety and insanity—both on a personal level and indirectly, through his family. In fact, his mentally ill sister was hospitalized at the time The Scream was painted in 1893. Along with a slaughterhouse, the very mental asylum where Munch’s own sister was hospitalized was located very nearby, too. Was the scream Munch heard actually coming from the insane asylum where his sister was? The true meaning behind The Scream may very well come back to the decidedly ugly, even hideous, sounds of living beings undergoing both physical and emotional suffering in the modern age.



  • Consider using distortion art as an inspiration to evoke feeling and emotion within my illustrations and soon sculptures.
  • Colour is really important and reflect back to colour psychology page as this again evokes emotion and feelings.
  • Take in consideration texture and movement within illustrations and sculptures, if made from clay how would you imagine the disorder to feel like?
  • Don’t only look into colour psychology but look into contrasting colours as they can have more of an impact and visually grab your eyes to a piece (Colour wheel)

Below a website giving an insight to artists mental health: REF


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