Pablo Hueso

  • Is an artist which I found on Pinterest but unfortunately he doesn’t have a webpage so I’m unable to look at his inspirations and materials etc…
  • I love his work and the way that he conveys the figure, I love the abstract element to and the exaggerated hips which I feel I want in my figures. this might also give them some stability and make them stand better, maybe have there feet larger going (melting) into floor and becoming narrower towards top.
  • I think I took interest mostly within his work for the way that he involves wire in his sculptures, I think his visually makes it more engaging and captivating.


  • I just think this is a beautiful piece of work, and love the structure of the figure, I love how he uses the square wire so creativity but not to the point that it’s too much. I feel wire being wrapped around the head could work well for anxiety. 
  • The appearance of the material is rustic and tarnished, give it an old broken down style.
  • Again an elongated piece with exaggerated limbs, I think this is definitely the style now that I want to consist throughout my work. I feel I should look at the artists that use this style but maybe write pros of cons on how they represent it.


  • These sculptures really engage with me and again the abstract element is just stunning, I love the tiny ribcage leading to the exaggerated rounded stomach. It really defines the shape of the woman and balances out the wide legs which then reveal space to involve this beautiful straight-line pattern central which looks like wire.


  • Sculpture that appears to be bronze, I find this one visually engaging and think the rugged texture again gives it this rustic look.

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