Xooang Choi

Deep, complex and sometimes mysterious, emotions are fundamental to the human condition. They colour our days and have a profound impact on the way we feel about our lives.Although all people should be able to control their personal emotions, there are times when that is not the case – when, actually, emotions control us.

Korean artist Xooang Choi has created an impressive body of work that shows us the realism of the human emotion frozen in an instant. His art reveals the raw reality of modern life ordinary people face every day if they don’t confront the outer world. The artist’s interest focuses on social systems that manage and control people, their behaviour and feelings more than ever before.

Choi’s figures have been enlarged in its scale, which gave more presence to his figurative sculptures that unearth dark emotions. The artist modifies proportions of the human-like characters or isolates body parts and takes them out of context to create disturbing and thought-provoking pieces that explore human rights, discrimination, society’s pathological state, isolation, loneliness, and sex and gender politics among other themes.


• I really love this piece, the exaggerated hands gestures the figure is in need of help and is calling out to the audience. The hands conjoined together also provokes this feeling of constraint, which I feel could suit to anxiety. I feel this as anxiety disrupts daily life and can stop a person from doing what they really want to do, the face being hidden and tucked in to me could symbolise how the figure is hiding itself from social interaction.
• The body language of the figure being bent down on it’s knees with it’s hands out makes you think of begging, the emotions it makes me feel is melancholy and hopelessness. The figure is reaching out to the audience and forcing you to interact with the piece which to me is very emotionally impactful and makes you think of the narrative within the piece.


• Looking more closely at the sculptures I took interest in this for the fact that it doesn’t have all human features of the human face but just consisting of the human nose. The texture within the face and the fact it has no eyes and mouth gives you this sense of the unknown, which I feel provokes this mysterious dark feeling.
• I also think by leaving making the figure faceless, it forces you to look at this figure and it’s body language provoking a feeling more than what may be expressed on face which to me is more impactful and powerful. I feel body language and actions express more about a person than what expression may show on there face, it’s easy for someone to cover how they’re truly feeling through facial expression.


• I especially love this piece of work as I could see it really suiting to my Bipolar disorder, I like the idea of involving two heads one expressing the manic episode and one expressing the depressive episode.
• I also like the idea of maybe having two figures close together similar to what is here, maybe the limps expressing the symptoms of each episode for example manic episode > fisted and aimed high towards the sky giving this sense of hyper overdrive. As for the Depressive episode the limbs could be facing downwards and hands relaxed so the body language provokes this feeling of misery.

I feel this artist is a perfect example in expressing the same as I wish to express, I made the key sentences bolder to highlight how I want to influence my audience. Choi is a figurative artist that works with polymer clay and resin, which is kind of like clay but you can get more realistic details. Though I’m not wanting to work with this material, I feel his work is so similar to mine and I love the characteristics and the emotions they provoke.


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