As I had work experience mon-fri I was unable to get as much research so decided it would be best to set myself up for the week and did some in afternoons.


  • Intro into Surface Deep – use spider diagrams
  • What is Mental Health intro
  • Colour Psychology – always comes handy in future to reference from


  • Look at Shawn Coss as starting point, look at 5 Illustrations that mostly interest you then research into each and sketch figure relating to symptoms


  • John Kenn and how he shows narrative (annotate) + sketch!!





  • Egon Schiele + how he conveys figure (technique + colour)
  • Nude Body Nude – use as reference for when it comes to ceramics (3D aspect) + annotate


  • Research into Tim Burton – understanding style and light which could work for photography later on near final stages to provoke more emotion
  • German Expressionism – Compare and contrast (similarities)


  • Characteristics in film between both and character design in the animation of Tim Burton – how does it have an impact?


  • Go back through all work and reflect and post it notes to make it easier to get an overall summary
  • Feedback using post it notes


2 WEEKS – Easter Holidays

Didn’t get much work done due to having to work

  • The Skillful Huntmans – Looking at development of designs and how you can create original ideas
  • The GashleyCrumb Tinies – Looking at how they show the figure and technique (cross-hatch) Looking at John Kenns Inspiration
  • Quick look into Autism with sketches
  • Use blog to look at artists and how they distort or use symbolism to express emotion, also look at the colours they use to provoke emotion and how you can incorporate it into your own work
  • Research Surrealism and artists within this movement – Understand the history
  • Bullet point artworks that interest you and take key elements
  • Research Munch and how he uses movement to express a feeling and the way he leads the eye and colour psychology
  • Begin looking at Francis Bacon – Understand the history of him and where is inspirations came from to understand his work on a more personal level.


Been trying to find people to do life drawing all way through but people are apprehensive but going to continue to keep trying.


  • Finish Francis Bacon Blog – Distortion of figure and colour psychology
  • Make silhouettes for  Anorexia Nervosa and get people to tally it for primary research*
  • Once tallied draw chosen 3 and then further develop – Photocopy and make changes, experiment a bit with colour


  • Continue Development of Anorexia Drawings – Concepts
  • Get some primary images of the poses that were chosen and reference from so you can picture it from all views
  • Take consideration about facial angles to and try get the view from all angles, same being body
  • Tutorial with Andy

WED- Unfortunately did load of work in morning and computer acted up and deleted it all but managed to catch up in afternoon 😦

  • Research some ceramicists or artists sculptural work that you feel relates – bullet point and look at key elements and characteristics


  • Tutorial with Juan
  • Begin looking at Depression and Anxiety and do same method with silhouettes and then develop and get people to tally again
  • Organised people for photoshoot to play with light and dark in studio like Tim Burton – possibly do life drawing as well for next week TUES


  • Look at semiotics and of a character
  • Peer Feedback
  • Put Development images in book and annotate
  • Continue Development of Anorexia*
  • Peer feedback



  • Look at what you need to consider, use Juans images to reference from, consider poses
  • Reflect back to Egon Schiele and poses within in work and continue to develop Anorexia*
  • Look at someone who has suffered from Anorexia so you can understand on a more personal level and reference the form better
  • Look at Alberto Giacometti as his work consists of skinny figures – 2D and 3D
  • Experiment with colour of figures


  • Tutorial with Helen and Shelley
  • Life Drawing with Erin and possibly someone else – understand depth and perspectives
  • Materials Brainstorm – possible materials for experimentation
  • Look at Henry Moore – historical – not done yet


  • Look at online survey responses and see if your designs relate – compare and contrast, possibly make changes to suit audience responces
  • Start making tester wire sculptures – play with materials, looking at mod rock, wire, ink and so on
  • Write up processes on blog

THURS- Unfortunately all teachers were in a meeting, so I feel I wasted my morning trying to work out ways to make a ceramic standing piece though I found a way through experimentation and wrote up ideas within log book then took action.

  • Experimentation with white clay and think of how you could possibly stand your piece.
  • Write up processes
  • Photo shoot of thin models for reference and look at lighting (primary)
  • Tutorial with Juan


  • Peer feedback
  • Speak to Kim in student services at 11:00 about disorders, professional – primary
  • Go through work and reflect


  • Experimentation all week using materials which are listed in log book
  • Write up of processes also for the week
  • Make a tester to hang to see if it works
  • Peer Feedback


  • Sculpting 3 final pieces, 1 as back up, possibly 2 for display for exhibition
  • Experiment with 1 suggested glaze for darker areas such as eyes, gives a highlight or sheen especially if light is hit of it ( spotlight??)
  • Research into shock advertisement, how would my piece be used for an awareness campaign?

Still getting 2 tutorials a week, though finding it hard to keep up with my journal during the practical work, at this point just trying to complete work in time to then catch up with research next week as everything needs handed in Thursday.







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