Wire and mod rock experimentation

  • So to begin with I made a human stick like figure and bonded areas tightly and used swirling movements to give it a 3D shape.
  • At this point I decided to first begin with a dress and used chicken wire as it was more thick and made it more stable, I cut a strip and rolled it in a cylinder shape with the bottom being wider.
  • I decided to start off with a dress shape as at this point I didn’t know how I could make it stand if it was to have really thin legs, I also wanted to experiment a bit with the texture of the mod rock and knew if it had all this negative space on the bottom half it’ll allow me to mess around more.


  • Mod rock
  • Scissors
  • Modeling wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Ink
  • Modeling clay
  • Jug


  1. Get a long piece of wire out and cut with cutters, begin to make a stick man shape and bind areas to later add more to like the neck, arms and so on…

2. Overtime it will start to get more of a 3D appearance, I then used the chicken wire and cut it into a rectangular shape and rolled up, making the bottom more wide to give the piece stability. Placing the figure inside the cylinder (dress) and using the modeling wire to bind them together.

  • At this point I was happy with outcome but noticed I didn’t make the arms and neck long enough, I know now for my next piece to make it bigger. Below is my second piece, same process but made larger and more thin.

  • I much prefer the appearance of this one compared to my last, shows the thinness of the disorder that I’m trying to convey.

3. Going back to my first piece I then cut up strips of mod rock and filled the jug with warm water to dunk in and press the mod rock until it had a gooey consistency and applied it the wire.

  • I liked the texture of the mod rock but feel I applied the mod rock to thick which took away the skeleton-like appearance that I wanted. I then left for it to dry to then experiment with dunking it in ink.

4. Using a jar filled with ink and water and dunked and swirled, this created a really good texture and now want to experiment with more colours of ink.

Overall was quite happy with my first attempt though it’s definitely not thin enough but I like the effect the mod rock has with and without ink. On my online survey I asked what people what object/s people associated with anorexia and the word hospitals came up a few times. I thought mod rock could work as bandages are commonly used, the texture within the mod rock is what interested me the most. Consisting of this broken, rough appearance and when with ink it really absorbs into it straight away and goes deep into the cracks/marks leaving contrasting areas. Thought I liked it with black ink, I feel it looks more like a purply colour and I think it’s probably because I watered it down to not waste ink. I also left some areas with wire being exposed to see what effect it would leave, I especially loved those areas as it gave it a decayed look.

  • I then did the same method to my second sculpture but this time left a lot more areas out especially on the bottom (dress) half, I really loved the pattern of the chicken wire and rather than wrap it fully smudged the excess of the mod rock on it, giving again the look of decaying.
  • I found some modeling clay which had a waxy feel to it and thought it could possibly look good if I was to smear it on the bottom but unfortunately it just kept going into little balls and just didn’t look right. I think this is definitely I material I’m not as interested in using, as I like this piece I tried to cover the bottom half with a little bit of mod rock whilst still exposing the wire. I attempted to cover as with my concept/experimental pieces I’m thinking of possibly displaying my best ones and felt that the modeling clay had ruined it, though I feel I’ve definitely learnt from it.

and this is them now dry:


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