Armature and white clay

  • So to begin with I originally just thought I’d make a clay head to experiment with depths and definitions in the face and this then gave me a spark of inspiration to possibly build a ceramic figure onto this base with a pole and rather than it tans to have it hanging as before said. The idea was to wrap it with newspaper and use twigs wrapped with newspaper and tightened with tape so that it doesn’t stick and makes the arms and legs more stronger and stay in place.

  • I literally got a big piece of clay and placed it onto the pole and dug holes for the eyes and gave it a nose and defined the cheek bones and jaw to give it this skeleton like appearance, I did this roughly to then later work into.

  • Aa stated before I wrapped in newspaper then started to build the body bit by bit, at this point it’s just roughly been patched on but once on I can then start to make some definitions.
  • Throughout using my images from book as reference – Illustrations and primary images.

  • Using thin pieces of wood for stability, this method worked really well and for arms, as this is just a tester I decided to just keep the limbs normal and not posed.

  • Once it was a bit more leather hard it made it easier to get some definition and liking the appearance of it especially of the ribs and widened hips. Thought I don’t want to go too much into it as id like to experiment more but I’m thinking of doing a piece this big or possibly bigger and need to see how it’ll hang. This might be able to be fired as well as I’ve made it quite hollow with the use of newspaper and that’ll burn off in the kiln and the sticks should as well as they’re really thin.

  • I do feel the head is too big in comparison though and maybe I should’ve started from bottom to top but will later use a rubber kidney to try make it suit the body size more but at the same time I feel making the big head makes the figure appear more skeleton like.

  • Thinking on and getting feedback from peers, I’m thinking of trying to involve wire in the limbs once fired and oxided, I feel this would work well for flexibility of poses and like the idea of them applying some mod rock over areas of the wire. I also like the idea of finding some wire and making it rust and then placing in.
  • I took the wood pieces out and cut of some of the clay and using knife cut out a hole in the stomach as mentioned in book.

  • Unfortunately the head cut off and I feel it did as I started off with the head then build on not straight away but abit after it had went leather hard but used white joining slip and held in place and dryer using air gun.

  • I then used the needle and made a hole in the top of the head that could come out of the hole at the bottom so that it could be hung by fishing line (strong material) to experiment with and see how it’ll look hanging.

This is now the piece dry:

  • Once fired in kiln, I want to try different types of wire to place in the holes so that the wire can appear to be the limbs of the figure.

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