Wire and white clay experimentation

  • So I made another wire figure, process on previous blog post but this time pressed white clay into it.

  • Using my illustrations to reference the shape, I know I won’t be able to fire this as seen from previous student that it’ll make it crack but I still applied and wanted to see the result if I just left it to dry.

  • I used a small square like base to hold my figure to stand and made it thicker at bottom leasing upwards for stability, though it was still very fragile. I really liked the appearance of it and used my fingers to add some depth in areas such as the eyes. I again left areas of wire as I really liked the appearance of it, I’m still waiting for this to dry so hopefully it doesn’t crumble off.

Overall was happy with the outcome but definitely know this won’t be a good method for a final piece, I really love the idea of using clay as I just love ceramics but I know need to rethink how a figure that’s so thin can stand as I prefer the appearance of the legs showing than the skirt. I’m thinking possibly hanging a ceramic piece rather than having it stand on its own, I could do this by creating an armature and placing a hole on the top of the head to the bottom half and placing strong fish net through it and connecting to sealing. I want my piece so far to be viewed through a mirror rather than at the sculpture itself as from my survey people said numerous times that they associate the disorder with mirrors.


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