Experimentation with glue gun and silicone mould

So I decided to experiment with the glue gun to see what effect it would have on this silicone mould that has faces on it, I used the materials:

  • Steel wire
  • Copper wire
  • Mesh

and the glue itself, to do this you only need a mould, a mix of materials and a glue gun. I waited for the glue gun to be heated up and applied it into the mould, I was really made up with the results of this experimentation. It has a opaque, cloudy appearance, I like the fact that there’s not as much control with this material and actually liked the effect better when it was applied messy. It didn’t show the face to great detail but gave it a a really creepy feel which I feel suits to my disorder anorexia though I’m still not sure whether I want to incorporate it. Be mindful (careful) when using glue gun as it can reach to a temperature where it can burn the skin, wait to cool before peel off – peels off with ease.

  • So this was my first experiment with the glue on it’s own, was really made up with the result and I especially love the fact that it shows some clear detail within then has areas where it’s more dried and made it not settle as much into it’s form but I think that makes that much interesting in the texture, I was leaving areas then applying more to see the effect it would give.


  • I applied it this one thickly, and you can mostly see the detail within the nose and cheek bones, I pressed into a bit once it was a bit more hard to try and get some of the facial features and this method worked well.
  • I then cut up using the cutter bits of the steel wire and placed them in the mould, this time I wanted to try using less glue and leaving some areas to see how it would look.


  • The photo doesn’t give this piece justice, it was quite nightmarish to look at and the holes within it made it appear even more haunting.

31698754_1922096351136573_234233768133525504_n (1)

  • This being with the copper wire and also one of my favourites of the lot, when I took it off the mould the bottom half of the face ripped off but I’m so glad it did, I applied this really thinly and pressed hard as I wanted to try getting a more smoothed out appearance.
  • I love the colour of the copper and the fact that it sticks of the face, especially the piece that’s centre of the forehead, I like the fact that it’s more blurred out.


  • Again another piece I really liked, as it was a small sheet of mesh, I firstly put the glue in so it could get the nose shape and placed over and then applied more glue. It reminds me of robots though I like the effect I can’t see this being that relevant to my work though I enjoyed the process of the experimentation and feel I could use this again for future projects.
  • This being one of the smaller faces and I purposely left big holes in it to later apply some plaster into it to see how that would look.


  • This didn’t really turnout as expected, I think it would’ve been better if I had done this but with the larger face mould, though it does have a really grotesque look it, though it may look better once the plaster is dry.


Overall impressed with the outcome of these and didn’t expect them to turn out as well as what they did, they’re very creepy, mysterious and makes you feel uneasy, I like the opaque element to them and not sure yet whether to incorporate within my final piece but will definitely consider it. I feel this experimentation has been successful and definitely if not this time but in the future take this in consideration for further projects.


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