Photography – Shadows

  • For primary research I wanted to use the studio to experiment with lighting and to look at ways I could shadow the figure in order to sow the bone structure more.
  • I thought this would be good to reference from and some shots could possibly be later used for my exhibition.
  • In order to do this I used a soft light and another light on the other side so that there was a contrast between light and dark similar to Tim Burton, I knew once edited later on Photoshop that it would suit more within my dark theme.
  • As I don’t know anyone who is anorexic, I used thin models of people within my course and second year and made sure to ask for permission for there photos to possibly later be used in my exhibition. I asked the models to pose in multiple poses and then cropped 6 end photos that show more the structures and definitions rather than the face.
  • I want to keep the face hidden so that there is no identity which is suiting to my sculptures, I want the form to be the focus point.


  • These are some of my favourites above, overall I took a lot more than this. I feel the more photos you take it gives you a better range to select from for later use and the idea was to crop some and then edit on Photoshop so that if printed it would be done so to a high quality and Andy used one as an example to show me how to get the best quality within my pictures when printing larger scale.


  • Firstly open up Photoshop and in top left corner in Image scroll down to black and white and click.
  • Then go back to the left corner and hover over Image again and go down to levels, this then leads you to input Levels and then on the right arrow and left arrow on each side meet so that it hits tip of the wave – making sure the image will when printed show all the blacks and whites within the picture to highest quality.
  • Once happy with the edit of the picture, crop to desired size and then after change the ratio to 1:1 (square) so that all the images are the same size to print. I’m doing A2 which isn’t huge but a good size to be viewed as I’m not sure how many I will have though I feel 6 is what I’m aiming for.
  • Save as your image and rename it something that stands out and change it to a JPG and then put onto stick which will then later be given to print.

I have a lot more images which I used more just for referencing on stick.


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