Fired final sculptures – oxide and wire fitting

  • Now that I have all 3 complete, I decided upon my favorite (one with arm) and the one on the far right I would use black copper and the middle manganese through reflecting back to my tester piece.
  • To do this I used a paint brush and dabbed on the oxide then used damp sponge to get excess off and did this process slowly so that I could build on it.

  • Making sure to apply the most in the stomach and inside of eyes so that it appear darker which will also make the eyes appear more menacing.
  • By also making these areas darker it will use them as focal points as it’ll contrast.
  • To stay within my timeframe I also oxide some of my spare tester pieces to then later use the glaze ‘4’ as previously mentioned and took a picture of what oxide I used for each piece so I could reflect back to see what works best.

  • Black copper ^ I plan to apply the glaze with different thicknesses and possibly try to use drips and full coating, also have more tester prices without oxide to see the appearance without also.
  • I liked the way the black copper applied, you would only need a small amount and it would blend evenly onto the surface especially in comparison the manganese which was rather gritty and would be hard to get a thick amount so with manganese applied till it definitely shown thickly within areas as it didn’t blend well.

  • Both of the oxide however gave my sculptures a beautiful appearance though it’s to look a lot different once fired, this is now them ready to be fired in the kiln.
  • Before firing these I used those tester pieces as seen previously and applied the glaze ‘4’ reference previous log book with IKEA dishes for method of glazing. Looking at the glaze outcome instantly I decided not to incorporate it as it kept appearing just brown and wasn’t that visually engaging, I would say out of say the 10 experiments 2 went right and that was when it was applied to the clay when not having an oxide.

  • Really love how it went deep into the cracks but just didn’t really like the colour and care to the conclusion that if I was to highlight specific areas maybe using a gold paint would work best but felt using the glaze was too risky and personally felt it didn’t suit to what I was trying to convey. So I decided against using the glaze full-stop and proceeded to fire my oxide pieces, this now leaving me on the last day of practical to fit my wiring.

  • Through previous experience applying wire to tester piece, I have learnt that steel wire works efficiently with my ceramic piece and can slot in place and be bend into poses with ease, I knew I wanted the steel to be rusted and knew steel would work once combined with vinegar and water, though I really liked the appearance of the wire spiraling around the limb so I used florist wire which is a lot thinner and even more flexible than the steel wire so that it had more of a stylistic appearance.
  • Using araldite glue to keep it strongly attached to the ceramic piece, within this you get given 2 tubes and mix same amount together then apply to small area you’re glueing and hold so that it fits in place.

  • This is the appearance of them once out the kiln, turned out differently to what I had expected by looking at my tester piece and the black copper ones appeared more corpse-like off white and the manganese actually turned out the best I would say as it had a shiny bloodstained appearance of the areas cut and within the eyes.
  • Though I still love the outcome of all 3 and feel it suits to peer feedback of my audience through my survey and personal view.
  • I thought by taking my time within the blending of the oxide of the black copper ones that it would show more of the definitions in day the collar bones, ribs and so on but only shown up slightly though I wanted it to be more at focus I still loved the rustic appearance it had.
  • So I measured the sizes of the wire and bent them till it suited the right pose so that later in the afternoon I could leave them overnight with the vinegar and water to rust.
  • Over the time within the night and checking on it, I could see it was working through the bubbles on the top surface of the liquid, it looked as-if it was melting away the top layer of the wire.

  • When up in the morning was very pleased with the result and knew now that they could just be glued same process as previous tester and slotted into place. I loved the appearance it reminded me of rusted barbed wire which also gives you a sense of danger.

  • So far made up with pieces and posed this figure (my focal piece) to body language explained within my blog. I did the other 2 suiting to previous feedback on what poses they felt suited the disorder and as at this point I originally wanted to just have 1, I decided to finish all 3 and look when I have my exhibition area and see ways I could display it or the 3 to have he best effect as 3’s work in harmony together.
  • I then dimmed the lights and used a flashlight to look at my pieces of they were to be lit from different direction which I felt could make my figures appear more menacing and dramatic and through this I felt light being casted from below worked brilliantly for this effect as it highlighted the body but cast shadows in my focal boy areas such as the cut stomach and eyes.
  • I also loved the shadow it casted on the back wall, showing the detail within the wired legs and also provoked this creepy feeling and shown the cross hatched texture beautifully.
  • I definitely loved the idea of involving spot lights to the sculpture/s though still not sure what light source to use as it would have to be a very small light that could be placed underneath.

  • I also made small rusted pieces of wire when I made the limbs and used these to cage the stomach and again used the adralite but this time it was a lot harder to eat into fitted spot as was very fiddly so would hold in place against the stomach using tweezers.
  • At this point all sculptures were complete minus my hanging piece as it still needed hung but unfortunately I cut the stomach of it at a slant so when hanging on fishing line wouldn’t stay in place though I wanted spacing in between each part so waited for teacher assistance on this as I wasn’t sure how to do this.

Overall made up with the result and next step is to plan within log book on how I could display my work to be viewed, my idea is for the piece above to be central at focus and the other two to possibly be accompanying it so that it works together well as a set but still not sure yet. I feel I will best know when I can actually view it in person on the plinth. I liked the idea of incorporating 6 of my images I did in my photography and having them on the two boards but not sure whether this will clutter the sculptures and make it appear too much though I do love how the pictures show the closeups of the body structure within the body and though not the models are not anorexic, I’ve used shadows to give it a more convincing appearance.


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