Plaster Experimentation – Mould and Wire


  • Plaster and water mixed, 5 min – materials used in bowl which is flexible so that it plaster doesn’t go down the sink and let dry and put in bin then fold bowl to crack the plaster off the surface
  • Materials you pour into moulds which is made of rubber silicone and can have plasters, resin,clay pressed/poured into it
  • Get plaster and make and build a small mountain in the centre of the mould then add water till it reaches a double cream consistency, scoops little at a time and use your hands and use slow movements to mix to prevent air bubbles
  • Look for it to stop absorbing, start from base and agitate the water, softly – no air bubbles for smooth effect (aim for no lumps)
  • Make thickness so it’s not able to hair on back of hand, continually add more till consistency is right
  • Adding more plaster will make it thicker and set quicker – think of pouring time and setting time
  • The thinner the consistency shows definitions and into all spaces
  • Plaster has shelf life of about 6 months and isn’t as effected after
  • Leave to dry 20 mins to like a cream cheese – but of resistance
  • Should be set and feel warm, don’t take out of mould till completely dry
  • Set up and them and then should pop out of mold

  • I didn’t like plaster, I didn’t like the texture and it would put me off using the material though I can see why people use these material as it’s really effective, I tried carving into the material once it was fully dried and hates the process of it and felt it didn’t suit to what I was trying to convey.
  • I found using this material very messy and sometimes would be hard to get the consistency right, I loved the effect it had when first pressed out of the mould as it’s smooth and shows the details in the mould to great detail.

I tried carving into the material with multiple carving tool and again hated the nose and scraping of the material as it’s chalk-like and felt from the start that I wouldn’t want to incorporate it within my work but glad I experimented with as I can see it working well for possible future projects and has gave me a wider range of materials.

  • I tried carving it so it would appear more skeleton-like and possibly show what the face of the disorder anorexia could look like in appearance of the face but don’t feel this material works the best and doesn’t give me as much detail as what clay would give me.
  • I also used the blow torch and aimed it with a direction hitting the side of the face, I did like the burnt grey it went but again still didn’t like he idea of it being involved.
  • I then made a big wire figure (stick-man) out of the two wires copper and steel, wrapped multiple materials around the limbs that being:
  1. Newspaper – right arm
  2. Cotton – right arm
  3. Mesh – head
  4. Lace – right leg
  5.  Torso – steel wire
  6. Body – Copper wire

Making the plaster to as method I then dunked figure into the plaster to later see what the appearance of it is like with a wide range of materials at once to be efficient with my time.

  • Through this I learnt that copper wire is a very strong type of wire and works well for strength but not as well for flexibility and would need pliers to bend the wire into shape. As for the steel wire was still strong but a lot more flexible than the copper and was able to wrap it around the copper wire which gave me to inspiration to use as limbs for my figure. It has a nice aesthetic and using vinegar and water I could leave over night to rust for it to fit in with the theme.
  • I really loved the appearance of it just combined with the steel wire, thought it could possibly work well if I was to incorporate a clay body with wire limbs and with the spirals tightly wrapped round leg base could put plaster onto it for a more broken, corpse like appearance but felt it would look too much.
  • The appearance of it combined with lace and cotton had a similar look and could see how it could work for possible hair to the figure but overall just didn’t feel it suited to what I was trying to convey and decided now to not carry on with experimentation with plaster but to look further into the wire as this element I kept coming back to and demonstrating in my book through illustrations how I could involve it to suit to the frame of an anorexic.
  • As for the mesh I just didn’t like the appearance of it at all, I felt the overall piece to me just looked a mess though I can see how plaster can work well and now that I have had experience with it I could possibly use for future projects. 33245611_1946640218682186_8179107887667216384_n.jpg

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