Setting up Exhibition

  • Using my sketches within my book to have an idea of how I could set my pieces and advice from teachers, I came to the conclusion to have all 3 pieces being at show.
  • I wanted the central plinth to appear bigger than the other 2 as I wanted my main sculpture to be at focus but unfortunately we only had larger plinths in comparison to small so I then had to use a smaller plinth central with the two bigger ones on either side, though this does now invite the audience to look more central so that you can get a closer look.
  • Looking at 3 pieces I knew if the photography images were up on the two boards with the pieces it would look too much and fortunately I was given an extra two boards for my photography to be at show close by to my sculptures.
  • I love the area it is placed as it when you fist walk through the base room it’s at first appearance and with it blocking off the light it makes the small area appear more dim which I feel will look brilliant when accompanied with small lights which I’m still trying to my hands on.
  • When placing plinths would need to make them come in more just in case knocked when walking past them. ****
  • All areas working beautifully in 3’s as planned

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