Mid point Evaluation

Maile Perry


Planning in advance I knew that with my work experience full-time on week 1, I knew I wouldn’t be as able to get as much research as I would have originally wanted, so in the time I had I took this as opportunity to set myself up ready and decided it would be best to start of by briefly looking at mental health and used my brief and slideshow – highlighting areas to reflect back to.Key inspiration for my pitch proposal was Shaun Cross and i used his work as my starting point[ I took 5 of his pieces of work that visually grabbed my attention though not all relevant to my audience but this gave me the opportunity to explore. I used symptoms within disorders and used text and images to get some knowledge on them and it was a brilliant way to spark inspiration to create concepts through the use of sketches of what the disorders could possibly look like if they were to have human characteristics. I found this stage quite lengthy and time consuming though I still kept it within my timeplan, but I needed an overall view of the behavioral and emotional impact the disorders have, which to begin with I was quite clueless about but now feel quite confident within knowing about disorders and the effects they have on individuals.

I had rough understanding of a variety of disorders but needed to see if I could convey my idea in a different way to make my audience more emotionally involved, possibly showing narrative the same way John Kenn does within his work – I loved the idea of a dominant figure in control of the subordinate, but overtime I feel like I distanced myself away from this idea and decided upon creating one single character with one disorder so it can be at focus. I researched multiple artists that show the figure in a distorted way and also looked at the use of colour within them for inspiration and idea generation, Egon Schiele being a massive influence throughout my work. I have always been greatly inspired by Schiele’s work and I love the way he conveys the figure in such unnatural ways, the elongated limbs and his use of line really gives you a sense of anxiety. My research has lead me to artists such as Xxoang Choi and Jenny Saville. I’m combining historical and contemporary artists within my research to get a wide variety of inspiration for idea generation. I feel I have covered all elements of my brief and presentation but still throughout want to continue with research to develop ideas further.

I also came to the conclusion at my mid-point to make the disorder anorexia my main focus, I felt the characteristics in anorexia could be manipulated with the stylistic approach I wanted. I wanted the appearance of my figure to impact I kept myself open to other disorders and originally loved the idea of having 3 sculptures representing the 3 disorders anorexia, depression and anxiety. Though loving that idea I found myself constantly going back to anorexia and overall was gravitating to this and took most interest in the process and development within this area. I also think to be realistic on my time scale that this was a smart decision, if I was to do 3 disorders it would mean having to develop 3 figures and also working out 3 completely different forms/shapes to sculpt and also making 3 armactures and to me that just doesn’t seem realistic, I took this now as an opportunity to utilise my time better for experimentation and the quality within one select avenue to explore.

I have used an online journal to set myself up things to do throughout the week. My main struggle has been getting primary research, finding models to do life drawing and photographing has been hard as people are apprehensive but I’ve managed to find some people now who are willing, but would’ve preferred this earlier on so I could understand the human form better before starting my development of designs. I found ways around this though and used tallys and an online survey to get personal responses and my responses consisting of people within the age range of my audience, that being teenagers and young adults.

In tutorials I have went through my book from start to finish with tutors to see if I am ticking my units and I feel confident within 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and I know for 2.4 that I need to look at semiotics of a character and colour psychology. As I’m only at mid-point I know not all boxes can’t be ticked to the highest standard, but I should soon be moving on to experimentation of materials and want to manage my time to fit experimentation but also want to keep myself open to continue research so I have set up days within my journal to keep myself organised throughout. Making the journal online has enabled me to get my action plan down with ease, when working I usually keep my blog open to jot down areas I need to research. I try to keep my blog updated daily through the week, I want to keep it ‘live’ and set myself targets. However I use my time graph in order to keep check of what stage I should be at and to look at my work as a whole as I find it easy to forget what week I am on

. My main concern within my planning is the time it takes to make a sculptural piece and the firing times of the kiln as it only gets done on fridays, but there is a tester kiln which I have measured the dimensions of which fits only 1 sculpture on and is done within 24hrs. I also need to take in mind the things that could go wrong within the kiln also, as if there’s any air bubbles, my piece could crack though I feel this effect could work well, but to be safe rather than sorry I will make 2-3 pieces so I have back up.

Overall I’m feeling confident within my work and now can’t wait to start experimenting, I feel I have enough designs now to make a start with clay and 3D materials. I want to keep myself very open-minded though I feel white clay is the best consistency for my piece, my plan is to make small tester sculptures and play with the form, look at oxides, glazes and possible materials that I could make sculpture/s like materials such as metals, wire, mirror, plaster etc.Though through past experience I don’t feel glazes are as suited to this piece as I feel it needs to be be more rustic and distressed to suit the disorder, I want my audience to really engage with my sculpture/s and my aim is to provoke a feeling so people are aware of the invisible disorder that consumes so many people. I also need to start thinking of how I could display my piece/s to have the most impact, I also like the idea of having lighting lit on my piece/s or possibly being photographed and using lighting to make it more dramatic and serious. I need to take in consideration my audience and how it would’ve looked if it was actually for an awareness campaign which could possibly be seen in posters, but as my piece is for an exhibition I have to set up for this setting.


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