Reflection on Year 1

Through this year I have learnt multiple skills and have came to the conclusion that for my second year I would like to further myself by looking more closely at illustration, ceramics, photography and something media based. Through the first year I now understand that drawing and sculpting is what I’m most passionate about and I loved how through my FMP it gave me the idea to combine both my favorite skills and used drawing/illustration for idea generation and then used clay to make the final piece.

I love the idea of being a concept artist or animator, both skills work well with each other but I feel in order to go down this route I also need to have better skills with computers. I think I took interest mostly with becoming an concept artist or animator is due to the the drawing element and usually consists of designing the character then sculpting to get a 3D view then used digitally and I feel the first 2 elements really suit my interests and through research The hours and salary also suits my needs as you can work yourself up as you get more experienced.

By doing level 2 this set me up better for my first year on level 3 and I feel I have used this experience to better my layout and overall organization. Through this year I feel I have become more confident in myself and my work, I’ve always struggled with public speaking. This year by having presentations, at first I really struggled with and it had a negative effect on my attendance and then that making my work not to the standard I would’ve liked it to be. Though with more practice I got better and feel I did well with my FMP presentation and I would say I’m slowly getting there. Though this has been a struggle and I tried to avoid it multiple times, this is something I majorly want to get better with as it works well for many situations, whether it’s working in a team or showing your ideas clearly and just overall confidence.

I feel within most projects I’ve had this year I’ve done quite well, though photography and computer based subjects are my weakness but it’s something I definitely want to get better at, we didn’t do too much in the first year with these subjects so I feel it’s mostly experience that has that effect but when I have done some I have always enjoyed it though would get frustrated due to it being so new to me.


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