Gallery Visits

Through the year we went on numerous gallery visits but unfortunately all photos were on my last phone which is now broken. With gallery visits to me it works brilliantly for idea generation and to practice drawing skills, I liked to do observational drawings to develop my drawing skills. I also found it interesting to know a bit more about the artist and the statement (description) box to then look and understand the work from a new perspective.

We visited multiple galleries in Liverpool and I would say the walker gallery was my favorite, I just found it so grand and stunning from outside and inside. I mostly took interest within the Greek sculptures in the gallery, they were just stunning and very elegant. I also found the world museum interesting, it was filled with different sections of the earths history. I spent most of the time in this museum looking at ancient Egypt, I’ve always found it it interesting and seeing mummies and old artifacts and just to see how people loved during that time.

Though the galleries in Liverpool had a lot more to show and more suited to my interest we also visited the Manx museum a few times and I’ve always enjoyed revisiting as it brings back childhood memories. Again good for observational drawings and understanding more about Manx history.


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