Gallery Visits

Through the year we went on numerous gallery visits but unfortunately all photos were on my last phone which is now broken. With gallery visits to me it works brilliantly for idea generation and to practice drawing skills, I liked to do observational drawings to develop my drawing skills. I also found it interesting to […]

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Reflection on Year 1

Through this year I have learnt multiple skills and have came to the conclusion that for my second year I would like to further myself by looking more closely at illustration, ceramics, photography and something media based. Through the first year I now understand that drawing and sculpting is what I’m most passionate about and […]

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Final Evaluation

Maile Perry FINAL EVALUATION FMP Firstly looking back at my presentation and brief of my project, I have highlighted areas and made sure throughout all my work to relate it back to my initial idea. My idea is to look deeper into the mindset than what may appear on the surface, to take the disorder […]

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Mid point Evaluation

Maile Perry MID-POINT EVALUATION FMP Planning in advance I knew that with my work experience full-time on week 1, I knew I wouldn’t be as able to get as much research as I would have originally wanted, so in the time I had I took this as opportunity to set myself up ready and decided […]

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My topic for Final Major Project is Surface Deep, focusing on psychology I wanted to use this as an opportunity to further my interest within mental health awareness. My concepts to look deeper into the mindset, instead of what may appear on the surface, to take the disorder (something that isn’t human) and give it […]

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Setting up Exhibition

Using my sketches within my book to have an idea of how I could set my pieces and advice from teachers, I came to the conclusion to have all 3 pieces being at show. I wanted the central plinth to appear bigger than the other 2 as I wanted my main sculpture to be at […]

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