Setting up Exhibition

Using my sketches within my book to have an idea of how I could set my pieces and advice from teachers, I came to the conclusion to have all 3 pieces being at show. I wanted the central plinth to appear bigger than the other 2 as I wanted my main sculpture to be at […]

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Photography – Shadows

For primary research I wanted to use the studio to experiment with lighting and to look at ways I could shadow the figure in order to sow the bone structure more. I thought this would be good to reference from and some shots could possibly be later used for my exhibition. In order to do […]

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Final ceramic sculpture

So same process as previously and set up armature using stand, again covering in newspaper so that the clay doesn’t stick. This time I want my figure to be bigger and more elongated and slightly wider so I can have room to fit wire into the stomach once fired. I also this time wanted to […]

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